4 September 2013

Guest Post| Girl Meets Dress

Recently I was contacted by the company Girl Meets Dress asking me if I'd like to do a guest post on their blog! If you haven't heard of the site it offer a service for women to hire beautiful designer dressed for a couple of nights. As someone who can't afford a designer dress (yet!) I think it's a fab idea. It's still not the cheapest dress but if you're the sort of person that will buy a topshop dress and wear it once than Girl Meets Dress is ideal.

The post I wrote was my top five picks of their cocktail dresses. If you want to read it in full click here. I'm seriously considering treating myself to dress number one to wear out for cocktails on my 18th birthday. 10th October, put in your dairies. Not gonna lie, the fact I could tell people "It's Marc Jacobs, darrrling" is a major factor. I'm not normally a label whore but one night couldn't hurt, right?