25 September 2012

Review: Lush Grease Lightning

I've been using this for a few months now and I thought it's about time I blog about it. Before I picked this up I didn't actually have a product that specifically targeted spots in my skin care routine. The Lush Grease Lightning has an hygienic pump on the top that squirts out a clear gel which I apply specifically to the spots.It is quite difficult to get a small amount of so unfortunately there ends up being a bit of waste. I do this in the morning and evening after moisturising. Surprisingly it doesn't dry out my skin or cause flakiness. The next day any spots are dramatically reduced to small 'lumps' that can be easily covered with make up. Continued use doesn't make all spots completely disappear but they reduce them a lot. Lets face it, there will properly never be a product that completely gets rid of all teenage spots over night! The best thing about this product is it doesn't have that alcohol smell that other spot products do because it is alcohol free. It is only £6 from Lush and it should last a long time so I'm happy!

Lets all take a moment to thank Peter for making this. Cheers Pete!

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24 September 2012

Empties #1

It seems like every blogger and their mother does Empties post so I thought I'd be a sheep and do one too. Lets get crack-a-lackin'!

  • Simple Moisturiser- I used this up months ago but never threw it out. I haven't repurchased it because its not moisturising enough any more. It didn't prevent spots like it claims to but at least it didn't cause any.
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion- This has no SPF in it so I've been using it at night. It's so luxurious and moisturising that I'd love to get the full size but at £25 there always seems to be something else more important to spend the money on.
  • Soap And Glory Scrub Your Nose In It- I absolutely love this facial scrub. I use it once or twice a week and it really makes a difference to my skin. The next day it is much brighter and any break outs where reduced. I cant find this in Boots stores any more so I bought the Scrub Of Your Life facial exfoliater which I presume is the equivalent. Lets hope its just as good!

  • V05 Smoothly Does It Mousse- I got this hoping it would make my flicky hair look a it more curly but seeing as my hair is naturally an awkward in between it didn't. I kept using it as a heat protector to not waste the money but I wont buy it again.
  • Collection Concealer in Fair- This is the only make up product I used up this month. Its a great full coverage concealer and I already have a new one. A staple in my make up bag! But I am hoping to get the Bobbi Brown Corrector soon as I need something more for dark under eye circles.
  • Simple Moisturising Shower Gel- This is great because its cheap, moisturising and doesn't irritate sensitive skin. I actually like that it isn't scented so it doesn't clash with my body lotions or perfumes!
  • Face Wipes- These are just some random face wipes that I picked up when I was in Thailand  mainly because of the cute packaging. They have been so useful to keep in my bag so I'll be picking up some replacements soon.
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17 September 2012

Review: Lush Soak And Float Shampoo

I never used to be a huge fan of Lush but recently I've been really liking their  skin care so I thought I'd give their shampoo a go. My scalp, like my skin, is very sensitive to a lot of products so I decided to pick up the Soak and Float shampoo. It claims to help calm an itchy, flaking scalp and balance it out. After a few weeks I noticed that my scalp was not sore any more and any flaking was dramatically reduced. I've tried a lot of shampoos and nothing has worked like this! Plus it makes my hair so soft and silky to the touch. I've been using it for a month now and as you can see in the picture there is still loads left. Great value for money! The only downside is the smell. I can't begin to describe this, you'll have to go into a shop and give it a whiff for yourself. It's such a strong unpleasant smell so I have to keep it in the tin to stop it stinking the bathroom out. Luckily the smell doesn't last on the hair so it's worth putting up with for the benefits!

 I definitely recommend you try a Lush shampoo bar whether its this one or one of the many others in the range that's more suited to your hair type. 
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14 September 2012

Back To Work & School!

When you're at school or work the last thing you want to be worrying about is touching up your make up. So I've picked out some products that are easy to use and last all day - perfect for the long hours of wear.

The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable lip balms have become an essential for me. As much as I love my lippy collection when it comes to college I need something I can throw on in the mornings that will stay perfect at the end of the day. These do the job and surprisingly are not drying at all. Plus I love the peppermint smell!

Top: Cherish , Bottom: Honey

Having to get up so early can some times bring on that oh so lovely zombie look. To try and avoid looking ill I use the Bare Minerals All Over Warmth to get some colour. I know in the pot in looks very dark and when I opened it in the starter kit I thought there must of been a mistake. But I light dusting of this in a 3 shape across the face and on the bridge of the nose really adds a natural slightly more tanned complexion.

No surprises here, the Maybelline Colour Tattoo. They are so quick and easy to apply on the eye plus they last all day! It doesn't crease on me but a primer would do the trick at stopping that. It lasts so perfectly all day so I'm tempted to sleep in it to test out the 24 hour claim!

I know that the L'oreal Elnette hair spray is a bit of a Grandma thing, in fact I think my Grandma uses it! But it's the perfect hair spray for everyday use because its light enough to not have the horrible crusty effect and strong enough to keep the shape. I love that if you change your mind you can brush it out and it's like it was never there!

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7 September 2012

NOTW: Blue Sparkle

I'm pretty poopy at nail art and way too lazy so I get jealous of all the pictures of beautifully painted nail art. My solution? Glitter!

A glitter top coat hides messy painting and easily makes your nails look more interesting than just colour. I always get lots of compliments when I use it.  I know this is usually on trend at Christmas time but nail art has no rules!

I used Revlon's Blue Laguna which I actually picked up in Poundland for, you guessed it, £1. What a bargain! I love getting make up from Poundland because lets face it who doesn't love a good bargain? Plus it makes me feel way better about treating myself to more expensive make up with the money I saved.

The glitter topcoat is from 17. It actually came free in a gift set you get when you buy three products.
This is a really cheap and easy look to create. Goes to show you don't have to spend lots of money or time for nice nails.

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5 September 2012

Mini Haul!

This is only a very tiny haul but I just thought I'd show you some of the stuff I've picked up recently.

First of all is the L'oreal Mythic Oil that I bought from Feel Unique. I got in the sale for about £12 rather then £15. I'm not really into hair care but because I straighten my hair every day its not in great condition so I'm hoping this oil will change that. It contains  avocado oil which is good for your hair but it isn't silicone free. So far I really like the scent of this and how it makes my hair feathery soft.

Next up is the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Balm & Stain in Cherish. I picked this up because I already have one in Honey which I like but I wanted a lighter pink. It looks scary in the tube but its not so bright on the lips.These will be great for college as they last all day without drying your lips out. Well worth the hype!

 Finally is the Real Techniques Core Collection. I actually won these in a youtube give away from Mae. She has the cutest blog and youtube that you should definitely check out. I was so excited to win these as I've entered a lot of give aways but this is the first time I have won. Thank you again Mae! My first impression of the set is great. I was shocked at how quickly the buffing brush gave in a flawless application. All the other brushes work great to but that is definitely the star of the set.

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3 September 2012

Products I Regret Buying

1. Soap and Glory Thick And Fast Mascra
I'm sure you've all heard of this as it receives a lot of hype in the blogging/youtube world. I picked this up for £3.90 with a copy of Elle (admittedly I did buy the magazine purely for this). I had pretty high expectations but they were no way near met. I find it clumps quite a lot. The end result is okay. But just okay. It doesn't do a good job at lengthening or voluminising my lashes. Thank goodness I didn't waste the full £10 on it!

2. MAC Studio Finish Concealer
I've owned this concealer for about 3 months now. It is full coverage to put over spots but it is the most drying concealer I have ever used. Ever. To combat this I put the HelenE creamy concealer which has no coverage but balances out the dryness. The main problem with this is the price. Its a good concealer but I think there are concealers on the high-street that are just as good but are a fraction of the £13.50 price tag.

3. Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer
 I bought this primer a few weeks ago when it was on offer for £8 rather than £11.99 for 27ml of product which is a little below average. I'd read lots of great reviews on the Boots website so I decided to purchase it but I was very disappointed. Its is difficult to smooth onto the skin so I find myself using a lot of product which is not good for the price tag. But the worst thing is I really don't think it does anything. It claims to brighten, reduce the look of pores and make your make up last longer but it does non of these. In the future I'll stick to the Rimmel Match Perfection Primer!

4.MUA Glamour Days Palette.
I have no idea why I bought this. I got it when I was just starting out at make up so I guess I though it would be good to have a big colour range. But look at all the bright colours and glitter! There is no way I could pull that off! I'll be sticking to neutral browns for now thank you.


 5. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo.
You know when you decide you are going to be more adventurous with your make up and get out of your comfort zone? I decided that when I bought this. I love the actual product and I have another one in Milan  which is great. But this colour is way too dark for me. I'm ashamed to say I have never even worn this. Its just not me.

Do you like any of the products I don't? What products do you regret buying?
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2 September 2012

Nose Strip Tips

Today's post is about nose strips.It may not be the most glamorous topic but hopefully it will be useful. I use the Purederm nose strips that are only £2.99 in Body Care. They remove black heads from around your nose. Blackheads on my nose are the bane off my life! These may not remove all the black heads but they are a step in the right direction.


Here are my top 4 tips to make them more effective:

1. Use them on a day you are not wearing make up or before you out make up on then you know there is no left over make up clogging your pores.

2. Open your pores- I add a teaspoon of bicarb of soda to a cup of almost boiling water which I dip a cotton pad in then hold on my nose for ten minutes before using the nose strip. Alternatively you could steam your face over a bowl of boiling water for ten minutes

3.Do not leave it on for longer than 15 minutes. When I have accidentally done this it hasn't worked at all for some reason! 

4. Follow the instructions. It sounds obvious but unless you do it right it isn't going to work!
I hope you found this helpful! Do you have any tips for removing blackheads?
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1 September 2012

My New Obsession: Yankee Candles!

Okay so recently I might have developed a slight obsession with Yankee Candles. I can't help it, they just smell so delicious!

I'm currently burning 'Vanilla Cupcake' which is a medium size (411g) but I also have 'French Vanilla' which is a small size (104g). Anyone guessed I like the smell of vanilla? The only way to describe the scent of Vanilla Cupcake is it's like warm fudge. Yum! It isn't too sweet and it lasts for hours, sometimes even until the next day. I find it so soothing to burn a scented candle when I'm relaxing in my room.

 If you've never tried a Yankee candle but you're thinking about it I definitely recommend trying one. They aren't very cheap at £10 for the smallest and £20 for the largest but compared to brands like Neom that sell candles for £40 they are pretty reasonable. I don't think I'll ever be without a Yankee Candle again!

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