1 September 2012

My New Obsession: Yankee Candles!

Okay so recently I might have developed a slight obsession with Yankee Candles. I can't help it, they just smell so delicious!

I'm currently burning 'Vanilla Cupcake' which is a medium size (411g) but I also have 'French Vanilla' which is a small size (104g). Anyone guessed I like the smell of vanilla? The only way to describe the scent of Vanilla Cupcake is it's like warm fudge. Yum! It isn't too sweet and it lasts for hours, sometimes even until the next day. I find it so soothing to burn a scented candle when I'm relaxing in my room.

 If you've never tried a Yankee candle but you're thinking about it I definitely recommend trying one. They aren't very cheap at £10 for the smallest and £20 for the largest but compared to brands like Neom that sell candles for £40 they are pretty reasonable. I don't think I'll ever be without a Yankee Candle again!

Thanks for reading!x


  1. AAAH I want one!! I have such a candle obsession and those smells sound amazing! :) X

  2. They do smell amazing, I think I need to stock up on these I think x



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