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My name is Megan and I was born 18 years ago in Manchester. I'm sometimes shy, often sarcastic and always weird. I'm currently an A level student at College but blogging is what I like to do most. Life And Lipsticks started after I had been watching beauty gurus on youtube and reading beauty blogs. I always admired them for what they did and often thought about becoming a blogger myself but it wasn't until me and my friend decided to both start up a blog that I finally did.
Originally this was just going to be a beauty blog but I recently started doing some life styles posts too. In years time I can look back, laugh at old memories and cringe over all the mistakes.
But for now enjoy reading!

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  1. I saw your blog nearby to mine on bloggers connect, and I can't believe that a blog I love so much is from manchester, keep up the good work xx


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