27 October 2012

♡Collective Haul♡

I've picked up quite a few make up bits and some skincare recently so here is a collective haul to show you all the pretty things I treated myself to and some gifts too!

Sephora Full Effects Mascara, Sephora Miami Pink Lip Gloss,
Sephora  Purple Glitter Eye Liner
We don't have Sephora in the UK so my very lovely American Aunt and cousin sent me over a few little bits for my birthday. One day I really want to do a make up swap with someone from across the pond! I love the lip gloss because it reminds me of being a kid- pink & glitter! (Swatch further down). Plus the formulation isn't too sticky and the wand is a really cool shape. The purple eye liner is packed full of amazing multi-coloured glitter too. Sprinkle Of Glitter would be oh so proud! I haven't tried any of the other products yet but if there is anything you would like a full review on let
me know.

Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps £6.65, Batiste Wild Dry Shampoo £2.50 
The other day my Mum went to the opening of a new Simply Be shop in Manchester Arndale. She got a great goody bag and gave me these bits from it! Batiste is a brand I have tried before and I know many people love it but I don't seem to get along with it. I find the scents  unpleasantly powdery and the white powder on the hair can be difficult to brush out. Since I got it free I'll give it another try! Once again late on the craze, I actually have never tried nail wraps before. I love leopard print so I am excited to use these very soon.

MUA Cream Blush in Bitter Sweet £2, MUA Blush in Shade 2 £1

Swatches from left to right: MUA Powder Blush, MUA Cream Blush
and Sephora Miami Pink Lip Gloss
MUA is a brand I have talked about before. If you're selective you can find some great products so it''s fantastic for people on a budget! The blushes are soft and blend-able although the powder blush is much more pigmented than the cream blush. If you want to read a full review on the new cream blushes click here to see what AThriftyMrs says.

Good Things Fresh Start Cleanser £4.99, Good Things Five  Minute Facial Mask £5.99
( When full price)
I bought this face mask and face wash after hearing Zoe, Cole's Mum, talk about them on youtube. She said that her daughter gets under the skin spots (sort of like little colourless spots) and another skin care blogger recommend that she tries out Good Things products. It is an affordable brand especially for teenagers which is exactly what I need! And they are currently half price in Sainsburys so I had to buy them. Apparently they have been effective for Zoe's daughter so I am looking forward to giving them a go. Both the mask and face wash smell gorgeously fruity!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Ivory Nude £27.50,
MAC pump £3.50
Expensive I know but I can justify it! I have very pale skin with yellow undertones and anyone who is the in the same boat will agree it is very difficult to find a foundation to match. I got sick of using the wrong colour foundation because it is after all the base so you need to get it right. After a bit of thought, I figured it would end up more economical to splash out on a high end foundation than keep buying lots of high street foundations that aren't right. The woman at the Estee Lauder counter was very lovely and matched me up to the shade Ivory Nude. I did a lot of research before buying it and one of the reasons I chose it is for the wide colour range which makes it more likely to get a better colour match. I really like it so far but I haven't used it enough yet to give any fair opinions so expect a full review in the not too distant future!

Thanks for reading! x


  1. Jealous of the foundation ahhhh x

    1. It's sad how excited I got to buy it haha x

  2. I love that Good Things brand. :) I love bargain hauls!!

    1. I'm looking forward to trying it out. They smell amazing! Me too x

  3. I love MUA blushes! And I really want to try Estee Lauder foundation, judt can't justify buying it at the moment as it's quite a bit
    Daniella x


    1. Me too! I may have to go back and get more. I like to look at is an investment to make myself feel better about it :) x

  4. The MUA Blushes look lovely - I can't believe how inexpensive they are! :)

    Although I have very pale skin with more of a pinky undertone I can understand you too well: it is impossible to find a matching foundation! :/ Maybe I will have a look at some Estée Lauder ones sometime. :)



    1. I really recommend trying one.
      Its annoying isn't it! Nars are also good for yellow undertones but I was put off by the short wear time x

  5. The Nail Rock wraps are great! I love your blog! Thank you for following my blog, I followed back :) xx

    1. I may do a post on them next week if I like them. Thank you x

  6. MUA blushes look nice :)



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