2 November 2012

Eye Creams Explained

Until recently I never used an eye cream  I hadn't really understood the purpose of eye creams as I had associated them with an older ladies product to help with wrinkles. It wasn't until I went to Bobbi Brown to try out the corrector that the make up artist explained the importance of eye creams. If you already use and know about eye creams then this post may not be for you but if, like I was, you're a bit clueless then keep reading.
An eye cream should be used every morning with your moisturiser. It makes the area feel softer and more plump. If you don't use one then the skin 'sucks' up the moisturiser from the concealer you use causing it to crack and appear dry and flaky. Using an eye cream prevents this from happening and also keeps the delicate skin hydrated in the cold winter months to come. Some eye creams can claim to brighten the appearance of your eyes however from reviews and personal experience they don't always work. The prices can vary from £2 from boots ( like mine) or £35 from Origin. I find the the boots own one I use does the job well considering the price is so low. If you're not already using an eye cream I recommended you try one and you should see the benefits straight away.

Do you use an eye cream? What's your favourite?
Thanks for reading!x


  1. I use the clinique all about eyes cream, I have a sample, but sadly its rather expensive :( great post xo


    1. I know how you feel! I tried a moisturiser sample from there and it was great but too expensive to justify. Thank you x

  2. Totally agree with this post :) I've been using eye creams since I was 15, not because I have wrinkles, but my skin was so dry! They definitely make my eye makeup look so much smoother :) Plus it is good to start using eye creams from a younger age as it will help prevent the wrinkles from developing quicker :) xx


    1. They do. That's an advantage too - starting young x


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