18 November 2012

Firmoo Sunglasses Review

 I have to admit I had never even heard of Firmoo glasses before but after a bit of research I discovered they are a big online glasses shop. Currently Firmoo have free (!!!) glasses and sunglasses available. I was sent the glasses free of charge to review them but all views are completely honest. I could never lie to you!

The sunglasses arrived about 10 days after order which is pretty good considering they came all the way from China! I know that my order was rushed for the purpose of this review so there is a possibility that it could take longer for other customers. I'm not a fan of the cheap plastic case it came in but the glasses sleeve looks and feels more expensive. I'd have no shame in wiping it out my bag.

 The actual sunglasses are lovely. They cost $40 normally but are pair from the free glasses range for new customers. The colour is gorgeous and the anchor style detail really finishes the over all look.  I was impressed that you have to fill in the distance between your pupils to ensure correct fit. As with buying anything online there is the risk of it not suiting you but to help this you can virtually try on the glasses by uploading a picture onto the site. However I found in real life they looked extremely different on. The sunglasses are reasonably comfortable to wear although I'll have to wait for a holiday to be able to get proper use out of them!

At the moment Firmoo have a range of glasses that you can get for free including prescription glasses and sunglasses.All you have to pay for is the postage and packaging. This is great value considering the glasses normally cost up to $40. Christmas is quickly approaching so a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses would make a great present. Click here to check out the range of free glasses available or click here for the firmoo home page to find out more.
Have you tried Firmoo glasses before? What do you think?
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  2. I love firmoo they have great glasse

  3. Hi Mary Portas

    1. Haha it was for a James Bond Party, I don't normally look like that x


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