14 February 2013

Flawless By Nadia Mineral Blush Review

Flawless By Nadia Mineral Blush in Dusk- £14*  

 This blush is a mineral blush from a small  British company called Flawless By Nadia. To be honest I didn't have high expectations of it but oh my gosh it is amazing. The colour is so pigmented and creamy it blends well. But best of all, look at that colour! The swatch does no justice to show the pigmentation. It's bright pink and packed full of glitter, call me a kid but pink and glitter make up makes me happy. On the cheeks the glitter looks beautiful and so glowy to the point I don't even need highlight and trust me, I love a bit of highlight.

Mineral blushes. Controversial? I like to think so. The blush is by no means perfect. The packaging is plastic so it doesn't feel very luxurious but it doesn't look tacky. All loose mineral products are messy and I wish it had a turn screw top like Bare Minerals products do. I found the best thing to do is handle it with care and not remove the sticker completely from the top. Although I may or may not have covered my favourite black jeans in pink glitter like a nursery kid.

The benefits are so worth putting up with the cons though. The colour is stunning and definitely one of my favourite blushes. It has a beautiful silky texture too. Next time I want a new blush I will definitely be straight on the Flawless by Nadia website. All products are hand made in the UK, completley natural and  cruelty free which is amazing. I'm so excited about this brand and cannot wait to try new products!

What do you think about mineral blushes?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for the purpose of review. However this does not effect my opinion of it at all. I could never lie to you and make out like a product is amazing when it isn't because I'd feel to guilty!


  1. gorgeous just bought mine.xx

  2. It does look stunning - soo pretty and shimmery! I'm not sure if it is me, to be honest but I can definitely see why you love it!
    Great review!! <3

    1. It is! Sometimes it is good to get out your comfort zone though, I always find myself loving stuff I used to avoid x

  3. I've never tried a mineral blush before, but this one looks really pretty x


    1. This is the first one I tried. It is so pretty x


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