2 March 2013

Guest Post: Mothers Day Gift Ideas

* This weekend I am away on a Geography field trip so the lovely Hattie from project-rattlebag.blogspot.co.uk/ is doing a guest post.  Its much more useful than anything I could put together because I bake a cake every single year. Enjoy!*

Most years Mothers Day seems to creep up on me, come Saturday morning I am in a fluster dashing around John Lewis looking through all the Mothers Day gift leftovers. This year I'm ahead of the game, with my gift orders and card bought this is the first mothers day in a few years I have been really excited about. I hope this Mothers Day gift ideas post inspires you to go out and find something your mother will really love!

Burgon & Ball Gardening Gift Range £14.95 to £29.95 - This range of gifts is perfect for those with keen gardening mothers . The design is very practical but also manages to maintain a gorgeous sleek design.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub  £8 - The Soap and Glory scrub is really inexpensive for a high quality product and is said to give an amazing finish, perfect for summer. Definitely one for the Beauty Junkie mothers!

Liberty Print Shower Cap £20 - Mothers day is certainly a day for  luxuries and nothing says that more than a beautiful shower cap from Liberty.

Personalised Photo Book £16.99 to £28.99 - This is a custom made book full of the photos of your choice, a mothers day themed book would make for a beautiful gift and bring a day full of reminiscing over times spent together. 

Kenwood Ice Cream Maker £24.99 - Out of all the picks today this would be the one I would but for my own mother, she is a keen cook who gets far more excited over a new blender than a new handbag. This ice cream maker is a good price for something that co

Zara Ethnic Style Necklace £17.99The chunky appliqué detailing is perfect if your mother likes to make a statement. This necklace is also really great  to work into Spring/Summer looks.

Cath Kidston Daisy Pearl Bracelet £25 - This dainty little bracelet is sure to look great with almost anything, it is also adjustable so should fit most wrists 

Thorntons You're So Fabulous £6.99 - No mothers day could ever be complete without the obligatory chocolates! These bring a more personal note to them with the slogan on the front and cute book style packaging.

Floral Ballerina Slippers £12.50 - These slippers are sure to be a hit with every mum, who doesn't like to have warm feet?! They also have the added bonus of a ditsy floral print and pink bows. 
Made With Love Measuring Spoons £14.99 - This gorgeous spoon set looks gorgeous and will certainly get a lot of use, They would make for a truly unique gift. 
Thanks so much for reading, hope it helped!

Hattie Constance x


  1. :) some good ideas and you've covered things for all different kinds of mums which is nice!

    www.beautybook13.blogspot.co.uk - I have a giveaway on at the moment, you'll just have to scroll down my blog a little bit x

    1. I was impressed that she did that too x

  2. For when you get back from your trip,
    I have tagged you in my 'Time tag' which is based on beauty and I thought that you may like to give it a go! http://thebeautypier.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/the-time-tag.html
    If you choose not too, thats fine, I'm still loving your blog!

    Megan x :)

    1. Definitely gonna do this! I was struggling for posts to write so I'm happy you tagged me :) x

  3. good idea, i think my mum would love the sugar crush scrub!xx


    1. My Mum would hate the sweet smell but its personal opinion really x

  4. Great ideas! I love the scrub, if I was to buy another for my mum, it may or may not slip into my bath stuff instead lol!

    A little bit Unique


    1. Haha presents that you can use yourself is always good x

  5. Lovely and so well-thought ideas! :)) My mom would be thrilled to get any of these! <3


    1. Hattie did do a really good job x


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