10 May 2013

A Weekend In London

This post is way over due but it seems that whenever I feel I need to write a post I can't do it! Way back in Febuary  me and my Mum went for a weekend away in London. The main reason we went was to see the play Turn Of The Screw but we got up to lots of other things too. London is one of my favourite places and I can't wait to live there one day.

So we got on a train bright and early and did our usual thing of Marks and Spencers breakfast on the train. My Mum hasn't used fake eyelashes before so I put some on for her and she was fluttering away all day. The first thing we did when we arrived in London was go to the Lights show. It was a gallery of all different art using light and I normally hate galleries but this one was amazing. All the dry ice made me want to have a Miranda Hart moment and burst into Westlife songs!

After the gallery we wandered down  street and enjoyed the hilarious street acts. We stood talking to the cat lady and I nearly wee'd laughing. It was like being in an epoisode of Mighty Boosh! After some exploring and stopping by David's house we found a lovely food market to indulge in some hog roast sandwiches and churros. Delicious.  It was pretty cold though so as soon as we finished we hopped onto the underground to Islington where the theater for Turn Of The Screw was. We ended up going into H&M and getting me a whole new outfit to wear because it was soo cold. Bloody Britain!

It was time to eat again so we strolled to a lovely French Bistro. As we were deciding menu what to get I noticed burning smell. Me and my Mum couldn't figure out where it was coming from and why no one was doing something about it. It wasn't until my Mum lifted up her menu we saw she had set it on fire. Literally flames coming of it! She had lent it on the tea light and singed half of it. She apologised to the waiter but funnily enough he didn't trust us enough to relight the candle. Honestly I can't take that woman anywhere! We made ourselves cry from laughing at that an even now it makes us laugh.  Anyway after the little incident we went to the theatre. The play was really well acted and I did jump out of my skin a couple of times because it's a gothic ghost story. Afterwards we got the tube to our hotel and got some beauty sleep.

The next day we got up bright and early and I wore my new warmer outfit because we were heading to Camden for the day.  Unfortunately it was not only freezing cold it was pissing it down too. We stayed to the inside parts of the market and had some lovely herbal tea and cake. Due to the weather we decided to go to try and find Liberties department store because I was desperate for a look around the famous beauty part. We eventually arrived at it ready for some warm, dry luxury shopping but due to an electricity problem it was shut. Talk about bad luck! Every cloud has a silver lining though because we went for a shop on Caranby Street which I really liked. I bought a new shirt from Monki which we don't have in Manchester and an eyebrow brush from the cute Pixi store.

Then it was time to get the train home. I had a fantastic weekend and I'm so excited to go back to London for Imats this Summer.


  1. Sounds like a lovely trip! I can't wait to go to London again, I've been a few times now. Shame it was raining when you went to Camden, it's so much fun looking at everything there!

    Becky xx


    1. London is an amazing place. Luckily I've been to Camden before when it was dry so it didn't matter too much x

  2. Aww wow it looks and sounds like you had an amazing time away. I laughed at the bit about your mum setting her menu alight :D that sounds like something I'd do :D xx
    Gemma | ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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