18 May 2013

FaceB4 After Cleansing Serum Review

 Today I'm going to be reviewing one of the products I received in the North Meet Up goody bag  (full post here). FaceB4 isn't a brand I had heard of previously but I was excited to see their  after cleansing serum* in the bag because I am on a mission to improve my skin. To be honest I was a little put off by the packaging at first because I love pretty packaging and this looks too clinical for my liking. Still its what's on the inside that counts!

 Every night after I have cleansed and toned and before moisturizing I have applied one pump of the serum. As instructed I rubbed it all over in gentle upwards motion until it completely sunk in. The texture is very silky smooth so application was really nice and I actually enjoyed putting it on. It does seem to be running down very quickly as I've only been using it month and I've used almost half so that's a little off putting.  Since using this I've noticed my skin feel plumper and more hydrated. My skin is so much softer so make up applies a lot better than before. I can't say I noticed a difference with it preventing spots but to be fair I'm stressed with exams at the moment so spots are coming thick and fast.

Whilst this has been a nice addition to my skincare routine it hasn't made a massive difference especially considering the  price tag.

The Serum costs £15 and at Boots.


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  2. What on earth is this dude on about?? ^^^

    Anyways, interesting post, I've never heard of this brand before, I agree with the packaging it looks like something to treat acne!

    Great blog hun, now following. Did you design it yourself btw? I love it!


    1. God knows! Kept that spam comment because it made me laugh.
      The packaging really does let it down but the brand also has a few tv adverts too.
      Thank you! No I didn't but if you read the post about having 300 followers there is a link to the woman who designed it for me x


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