29 June 2013

London IMATS Haul!

*Incase you're confused I had already posted this before but being a ditzy idiot I accidently deleted it so I've had to rewrite it*

Last weekend I made a trip to London to go to Imats. It was the first time I'd ever been to it and I bought the tickets way back in January so you can imagine how excited I was. On the day I met up with the lovely Alberteen from the blog Dippy Writes and it was so good to be with someone as mad about make up as I am! Just as a little disclaimer, I did spend a lot of money considering it's just make up but I've been saving up for it for months now and  it was my end of exam treat.

L-R: Sweet Prawn Lipstick, Princess Lipstick, Dolly Pink Liner, Desert Rose Blush, Bourgeois Pig Blush
Cork Eyeshadow, Light Brown Pencil, Sparkly Lepoard Jumbo Eye Pencil, Yogurt Eye Pencil, Eyebrow Kit
 The first stall I bought from was NYX. There was a ridiculous queue that we must have been in for at least twenty minutes and it was still heaving around all the make up. So I did go a little crazy and bought lots of things to make it worth the wait. I had wanted to get the matte bronzer but I couldn't get near it and the swatches pictured was the first time I had swatched most things.

The first things I picked up were two lipsticks in Sweet Prawn and Princess. I wasn't sure about the colours but as they were only £2 each it was a good chance to try them out. I've not worn them out yet but I'm so impressed with the creamy texture when I tried them on. I also picked up a lip liner in Dolly Pink but I don't know what lipstick I was thinking for it to go with. I can't see myself getting much use of it! For blush I picked up Desert Rose with is a dark purple pink and Bourgeois Pig which is a bright pink. I love the pigmentation and texture of NYX blushes so I would've picked up more but there were hardly any left. Eye wise I picked up two of the famous jumbo eye pencils in Yogurt, a gorgeous shimmery beige, and Sparkly Leopard which is a beautiful bronze colour. I also got a pretty gold eye shadow called Cork and an eye pencil in Light Brown. Finally I got an Eyebrow Palette in Light but I'm not sure why as I already have a few eyebrow palettes so I might end up giving this one away.

The next stall we went to was Crown Brushes. I'd already planned my purchases because I'd been wanting to try the brand for ages. I got an angled contour brush for £12 as an alternative to the real techniques contour brush. I got a couple of blending brushes for eyeshadow. The pure white one is supposed to be a dupe for the Mac 217 which I already own so it'll be interesting to compare the two. I think these brushes were about £4 each which is pretty good. I also got a new eyeliner brush for the same price because I've been needing a new one for ages. Being ditzy I forgot to photography a fan brush that I got, mainly because of the cute pink handle. Lastly I got a daily brush cleanser for £8, which is a bit of a steep price in comparison, and I'm so annoyed with it. The spray cap is awful so the cleaner sort of spills out making it really difficult to use and the bottles already lost it's shape. I like the brushes but the cleanser has left a bitter taste about the brand in my mouth!

Next I popped over to Inglot for one of their freedom palettes. I got two matte shade, 329 and 3  because I feel like the Naked 2 palette is missing some more mattes for the crease. I do love some shimmer on the lid though so I got the colour 4  which is a beautiful bronze with gold shimmer. Can you geuss I like my golds and bronze colours?

I wasn't planning on buying a Mac lipstick because the discount wasn't great and the stall was manic but when Alberteen was getting one I noticed this gorgeous coral lippy aptly named Coral Bliss. It's such a gorgeous colour and in my favourite formulation- cremesheen.

Nars had the best discount by far- 60%! As it was the last stall and I'd already spent a lot of money I only got a couple of things. I got a Matte Lip Pencil in Never Say Never for the bargain price of £7. The purple colour isn't something I'd usually go for but its gorgeous and I'm glad to get out my comfort zone. Next I got a cream duo with the famous Orgasm and South Beach in it for £12.50. The colours are quite subtle but they will give a beautiful summer glow. While we were in the queue we saw Sammi from Beauty Crush and Patricia from Brit Pop Princess. They were both so lovely and just as gorgeous in the flesh.

That's everything I got! I had a fantastic time and I'm really happy with all my purchases.


  1. You got some great goodies!
    Im jealous of the nars discount, wow!

    BlogLovin' | Blog | Facebook

  2. You're so lucky you got things from NYX was i hell waiting in a 45 minute line haha


    1. Did you still get things? I thought 20 minute wait was bad! There was someone behind me who queued all that time for one blush, what a waste x

  3. Would just like to let you know I am extremely disappointed and bitter at the fact you didn't think to buy me a present! Unacceptable, Meg.

    1. Sorry! You never buy me presents either

    2. I did say I would pay you for stuff if you got me anything, heartless cow

  4. That NARS discount...Wish I could have gone!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster award if you're interested!


    Bea xx

  5. you got some awesome things! i would have been all over the nyx stand!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube // bloglovin

  6. I got the orgasm south beach duo too, love the colour of the NYX lip liner!

    I did my imats haul here: http://project-rattlebag.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/imats-london-haul-2013.html


  7. I am so jealous that you went to IMATS. You got so many lovely bits and bobs. I love the Nars duo! xxx

  8. Great haul! So jealous! :) x

  9. I really want to try Inglot! I'd have no idea WHAT to choose though, soo much choice haha.

    Thanks for sending me your like at the #bbloggers chat on Sunday :) Now Following


  10. Love your blog. Thanks for reviewing these. I think Im going to get the MAC brushes you have, and love the Inglot palette! I think the closest Inglot to me in in NYC, but I'll have to check online! Cheers!

  11. I'm going to IMATS in LA in january!!! I can't wait to go! Were the prices the same as they normally are in store? I'm really curious about that!


    1. Nars was so much cheaper with 60% discount but some stalls there wasn't much price difference. It depends on the individual seller how big the discount is x

    2. Also have fun at Imats! Take a camera for all the amazing make up works as well as money. Its amazing having a room packed full of pretty make up x


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