28 July 2013

Max Factor Hazel Brow Pencil

(Excuse the gross dry skin! And the fact I chose to take these pictures on a minimal make up day!)
 Max Factor Brow Pencil In Hazel £4.99

I don't normally buy from Max Factor. It's just not a brand I  gravitate towards to for some reason but when I was in Boots with my friend Alice she recommended this brow pencil to me. The thing that sold it for me was that when I swatched it I saw the colour is completely free from nasty orange tones. I also liked the handy brush on the end but annoyingly on the writing as rubbed off on my old pencil. Some high street brands (but we won't mention names will we now, MUA?) claim a colour is for blondes when it's in fact pure ginger. I often use this pressing down quite hard for a darker colour but it can be used lightly for a more natural look. The texture of this brow pencil is quite hard put personally I love this. Pencils that are too waxy are difficult to work with, smudge everywhere and don't last all day.

Have you tried this? What's your favourite brow products?

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