6 August 2013

July Favourites

Last month I didn't post a favourites because I forgot to publish it before I went on holiday and when I came back it was far too late even for me. I know being so rubbish at posting the past few months, I feel guilty! After exams I planned to bombarded you all with posts but I've ended up being really busy this summer. I managed to get a job June which has kept me busy and I was spending all my days enjoying the glorious weather! That seems like a life time a go compared to the horrible clouds we have now Clearly "the sun has got his hat on" song is not working at bringing the sun back out. I'm going to attempt to blog more in August but my cousin is coming over all the way from Texas so we have lots of exciting things planned to do with her. September will be very difficult with college all week and work all weekend! Hopefully I'll be able to work out some sort of schedule but that's for future Megan to deal with.

 Anyway  let's get on with the favourites!

 First up are a couple of brushes I picked up at Imats from Crown Brushes. The large angled contour blush is absolutely perfect for applying bronzer (we'll  get on to what bronzer next) and blush. It's a little to big for contour or highlight but I use the real techniques one for that anyway. The brush is so soft and makes blending really quick and easy. I also got the eye shadow blending blush for around £4. It's meant to be a dupe for the legendary Mac 217 brush which I own. The crown version is a lot cheaper and very very similar so if you're on a budget its a great alternative. Unlike a lot of cheap blending brushes it's dense and tapered.

Next up is a new purchase, The Body Shop  Honey Bronzer in shade 2. Yep that's right, caspar the ghost here hasn't got the lightest shade in a bronzer! This shade is actually still really pale so I don't look tangoed. The texture is really smooth and this bronzer is well pigmented which works as the colour is so light. It's so easy to apply and gives a boost of colour. If you're a pale beauty it's worth investing in one of these.

Finally is the absolute star of the month- The Balm Mary Lou Manizer. I'd wanted to get this for ages so I finally bit the bullet and got it. Boy am I glad I did! This is the most beautiful gold highlighter I ever did see. They'll be a full review of this coming in the next week so you can see it in all  it's glory.

What have you been loving the last month?


  1. I've been hearing alot about The Balm recently, might have to try some of their makeup for myself soon! Lovely post :)


    1. You really should! It's fun packaging and really good quality. The Nude palette they do is next on my wishlist x

  2. I love the embossing on that Body Shop bronzer! Great post. xx


    1. Me too- I love a good embossed print. Thanks x

  3. That bronzer <3 I must try this, especially as it's quite a pale shade (I also share casper's complexion).

    1. You should. When brands finally realise they need to make make up for us caspars its amazing!x


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