18 August 2013

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

As promised in my July Favourites post, this is a review of TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. I'd been needing (as much as you can need make up) a new highlighter for a while and I'd seen a few reviews of this before but when EssieButton raved about I knew I had to get it for sure. The amount of things I've bought on Estee's recommendation is ridiculous!

First off, I feel the need to address the name, you wouldn't believe how long it took me to work out the pun and when I did I had one of those "OooO" moments. But I do love a good pun. The packaging is quirky and definitely stands out in my collection but I wish it wasn't plastic considering it was fifteen pounds.

So I'm sure some of you will think this looks pretty scary in the pan and I agreed at first. If this was an eye shadow I'd laugh at anyone telling me to use it on the cheeks. I put it on the cheekbones, nose and inner corner of eyes it gives a gorgeous golden sheen but if you're into the natural look it isn't for you.  A little bit of gives the "hello I have highlighter on look" but too much gives the " HELLO I HAVE HIGHLIGHTER ON" look. What I'm saying here is less is more with this bad boy. Also it is completely free from glitter so it's right up my alley as I don't want a glittery face everyday. That's the reason I didn't get the Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle that so many bloggers rave about.

Overally I absolutely love this highlighter. It gives such a gorgeous golden sheen that I haven't seen from another product. Its so gorgeous and buttery soft in texture that sometimes I'll be sitting at my desk and not be able to resist swatching it.

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer is available for £15 from FeelUnique.


  1. This looks gorgeous! One for me to add to the wish list x

    1. It is so gorgeous! You should put it near the top of the list but I bet you've got a huge wish list. Its hard not to being a blogger x

  2. Great review. I too recently bought this highlighter and am loving it. So beautiful!


  3. This looks so lovely! I'm really scared of highlighters as I'm always worried that my face will look too shiny, but this sounds perfect : ) I love the packaging too! xxx


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