11 August 2013

Getting Some Volume

When it comes to beauty the thing I am worst at is probably hair. That may not be the best introduction to a post all about hair styling though! One of the important things about hair, for me at least, is getting volume. Despite having fairly thick hair I struggle to get that extra bit of oomph but recently I've found a few different tools and products to help out.

 1. Volume Powder- For me this is the best option. I use the Label M Resurrection Style Dust* but I've also heard that V05 do a good one for less than a fiver. All you have to do is sprinkle it close to the roots, rub it in and your done. It works by kind of matting the hair which does mean it feels a bit nasty and needs washing the next day. Worth it though!

2. Backcombing- Not the best option for your hair but a nice and easy one. I backcomb by sectioning my hair in half by clipping the top layer up. Then I use the brush to push the hair up to the root. To avoid the bird nest look that some girls seem to go for I lightly brush over the top which smooths it out. I then repeat on the top layer of hair. My hair dressers told me to do it this way but I was also advised to spray it with hair spray then repeat. My favourite hair spray is the Tresemme Salon Finish because it gives good hold without setting like a rock and brushes out easily. It's also important to use a backcombing brush as they are much less damaging to your hair than a normal brush.

3. Extensions-I'm currently growing out my hair at the moment but it's taking so long to grow! For a quick fix there are extensions such as the ones here that are clip in and seriously easy. If you follow me on twitter you'll have seen me tweet about debating getting extensions a lot the past few month. Gorgeous luscious locks in minutes? Yes please! Besthairbuy.com have lots of extensions that I've been lusting after. It would make do wonders for quickly adding lots of volume.

How do you get volume in you hair?
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  1. This isn't entirely related to this review, but I absolutely adore that little tea cup that you use to store your brushes in! It's so cute!


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